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Tryst with the Tiger

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Jim Corbett National Park is India’s first such and was established in the year 1936 with the intention of saving the tiger. After decades of perseverance, the National Park is now a true home to not just the tiger but various other species of exotic animals and birds. Located in Uttarkhand, the Park is named after Jim Corbett, the man who promoted conservation of tigers in an era when most of them were killed by locals, for fear of life.


Tigers are amongst the most elusive animals in a forest. Jim Corbett National Park is home to more than 220 of these wild cats. None of these animals are baited or tracked and are therefore, free to live an uninterrupted life in a natural habitat. Tiger sightings are a matter of luck. It is unusual for tigers to come out in the open except in the warm months of April to mid-June, when they surface in their search for water.

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A tiger sighting can be an exhilarating and exciting experience. There is no set trail or time for a tiger to make an appearance. Practiced guides and safari drivers are usually capable of assessing the possible route of the tiger. Other animals will send out warning signals every time a predator is in the vicinity. With your heart racing and a vigilant eye, you could be casually driving along when a tiger decides to be your escort! The majestic animal may even walk towards you, eyeing your every movement. It will mark its territory sending out a strong message to those present and even those that are not. In such a situation, you will be left wanting for words. On the one hand, this awe-inspiring majesty will take your breath away and on the other, your heart may be appealing for better sense to prevail. Yet, you will not even be able to take your eyes off this animal. With a stride that exhibits strength and eyes that speak more than words, the tiger will steal your heart!


Jungle safaris organised by the Jim Corbett Resorts will take you a step closer to nature and her various forms. If you have time on your hands, you could explore the life of these animals over a period of time. Their behaviour, body language and protective instincts will leave you amazed more than you can imagine. Jim Corbett is an ecotourism destination that houses more than 400 species of animals and birds. There can be no better place to explore wildlife in its most true form.


Mixing Business and Pleasure: Discovering Bengaluru

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Bangaluru – the urban hub that has, in recent times, come to be better known as the Silicon Valley of India. This is a metropolis that is seething with energy, modernity and urban development. Many a professionals and businessmen flock to the heart of this sprawling city each day for job/business ventures or meetings and conferences. Thus, it only makes sense to assume there are many hotels in Bangalore catering to the needs of the modern day businessman looking to unwind after a hectic meeting. However, very few, like the ITC chain of hotels, offer its guests a truly luxurious experience with convenient and well connected locations.

Once you’ve booked a room, and taken care of your luxury needs, you might want to consider utilizing the spare time in your busy schedule to discover Bangalore city, which has a lot more to offer than meets the eye, and plenty of places one must explore!

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Tipu Sultan Palace and Fort

Let this be your first stop for a perfect beginning. The Indo-Islamic architecture is absolutely breathtaking. The Hindu temples built in the courtyard are a sight to behold and are bound to fill the spectators with a sense of deep reverence for Tipu Sultan and his tolerant approach.

Bull Temple

The temple was built in honour of Lord Shiva’s vehicle. It also contains some other structural masterpieces, the most popular, and definitely the most superlative of which is the Bull itself. Carved from a single granite rock, it is 6 metres long and 4.6 metres tall.

Vidana Soudha

The beauty of this classic landmark lies in its neo-Dravidian architecture. The four enormous domes are magnificent and truly speak to the grandeur of this fine structure. One must definitely visit this place for its imposing built, aristocratic ambience, and architectural superiority.

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Bangalore Palace

This is a spot a tad different from the rest in the sense that has a more English feel to it than the other landmarks, which feel close to home. Regardless of that, the Bangalore Palace is undoubtedly stunning. Inspired by the famous Windsor castle, and built along the architecture of the Tudors, this palace is famous for its exquisite wood carvings and fortified flowers.

Botanical Garden

The construction of the Botanical Garden was initiated in the 17th century by Haider Ali nd was continued by Tipu Sultan. It boasts more than 240 acres of tropical and sub-tropical flowers. It also houses a spectacular greenhouse the inspiration of which was drawn from London’s crystal palace. 

These are some of the few places one can certainly afford to go to when running on a tight schedule! A trip spent strictly shuttling between meetings does the fantastic city of Bangalore severe injustice which has is bursting with culture, history, and a whole lot of colour. 

Going Solo: Bangalore for the First Timer!

article 2.1 The garden city, better known as Bangalore/Bengaluru is full of surprises. The notion of it being an IT hub is fast getting old as people are catching up with its scintillating night-life, vibrant street culture, local arts scene and culinary delights! While all this may seem overwhelming to travellers, especially those who travelling alone and for the first time, it is not as colossal a task as it sounds. Here’s a guide to what’s best and grooviest to help out the solo traveller stepping into the heart of Bangalore city for the first time!

A Dose of History

Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace: He was called the Tiger of Mysore, and rightly so. Built in 1573, this amazing structure was later expanded by Tipu Sultan, only to accentuate its magnificence all the more. The Indo-Islamic architecture of the place is truly unique and the gorgeous teakwood carvings so intricate and meticulously done, one cannot help but be awe-struck. The Hindu temples also built within are absolutely stunning and point to the tolerant outlook of its creator. 

Banaglore Palace: Built like the famous Windsor Castle, this structure stands representing all that is traditional in the midst of an urban metropolis. It takes you back to the British legacy rooted in India’s history. The fine wood carving and the elegance of the fortified flowers lends it a quaint charm and makes this place a must see. 

article 2.2A Bit of Culture

Venkatappa Art Gallery: The central theme around is ancient Indian art and it showcases more than 600 original works, including those of legendary artist M.F. Husain. It also boasts a wide collection of the renowned stone scriptures of the Khajuraho and Mathura schools of arts.

Gallery Time and Space:
 This is the go to place for art aficionados, book lovers and movie buffs. This place has fast evolved from a centre that was dedicated to educating people in the artistic traditions to one that has come to host quite a many book launches, group discussions and experimental film screenings. 

A Dash of Local Cuisine (or perhaps a bit more)

Toscano: This is an eating joint Bnagalore absolutely loves. This is the restaurant you go to when you want to truly eat like a local without compromising on either quality or taste. Drop by at Toscano for exquisite Italian dishes, that taste as out-of-this-world as they look. Yum!

Nagarjuna: It does not get more local than this. This is the place you come to for the quintessential South Indian cuisine fix, and rest assured, the staff at Nagarjuna will make sure they deli8ver a truly authentic experience. So pay a visit and let the melt of idli in your mouth take you to a higher plane!

Apart from the fun and frolic o Banaglore, the city offers fantastic public commute and car hiring service along with multiple staying options. There are plenty of hotels in Bangalore, and some, such as the Fortune Hotels, will leave no stone unturned in ensuring a luxurious and happy stay!

Shopping Delights at Jaipur

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The Pink City of India is one that is made of royalty. Jaipur is the capital and the largest city in the state of Rajasthan. It was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, after whom the city has been named. With unique architecture and a scientifically laid out city plan, Jaipur stands out for its colourful appearance and bustling population. Tourism has grown over the years to make itself an important source of income for the city. With heritage temples, forts and palaces, the city is a treat for those inclined towards the arts, culture and tradition. Apart from its appearance, Jaipur has to its credit native textiles, jewellery and other products that reflect its beauty and tradition.

Shopping at Jaipur is a delightful experience! Colourful streets adorned with attractive textiles, handlooms and handicrafts entice tourists from world over. There are a few bazaars that stand out for different reasons and are strongly recommended to shopaholics who happen to be in Jaipur.

Bapu Bazaar

Get a feel of the typical Indian shopping experience at the Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur. Best known for its native textiles, ben linen and quilts, this market is always lively and busy! The market has recently expanded to include footwear and modern garments. The local footwear called ‘jutis’ can be found in abundance here!

Mirza Ismail Road

Nicknamed the MI Road, it houses a street full of jewellery and branded garment stores. Silver artifacts and adornments like rings, earrings, and bracelets are the highlight of the traditional stores here. In terms of jewel artistry, Minakari and Lac Work are of local expertise and are unlikely to be found elsewhere in the country. With a plethora of options and quality being a guarantee, the MI Road is a good place to indulge in some shopping.

Johri Bazaar

Probably the best known market in all of Jaipur, the Johri Bazaar has sarees, textiles, gems and jewels. Crowded almost always, the market also houses the workstations where craftsmen put in their expertise to manufacture pieces of exquisite beauty and style. In as far as textiles are concerned, lehriya and bandhinis are native handlooms. Colourful and artful, these designs have been in style since time immemorial now!

Chaura Rasta

A delight for the bookworms, the Chaura Rasta has in its envelope an array of books and stationery! If you love to read, be sure to spend an entire day in this unusual market!

Ganpati Plaza

This is the first plush mall in the city of Jaipur. The one stop shop for any requirement, this mall has traditional textiles to branded jeans, silverware to imitation jewellery. Food is in abundance, that makes the mall all the more attractive and comprehensive!

Shopping has never been a more fulfilling experience!

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