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What to Do if It Rains On Your Wedding Day

Every bride hopes that her wedding will fall on a beautiful, sunny day – but there is always a chance that your wedding day will be wet and rainy, especially in the UK. If your special day turns into a line from an Alanis Morrisette song, it’s not the end of the world. You can still have a wonderful and romantic wedding, even in the rain – it’s the joy of having all of your friends and family together to celebrate your relationship that makes your wedding special, not the weather!

So what should you do if the forecast calls for rain on your wedding day? Here are some tips for dealing with rain on your wedding day:

Choose the Right Venue

A good quality wedding venue, such as one of the fine wedding venues near Chester, are vital when you are planning a wedding. If it rains on your wedding day, the right venue will be able to accommodate and will have a back-up room where guests can gather and the ceremony can continue. An excellent venue will even supply towels for guests who have arrived damp or cups of tea so everyone can warm up from the cold. When you choose the right venue for your wedding, you will have an amazing time even if it is pouring rain outside.

Have a Back Up Plan for Photos

If you planned to take photos outside at one of the lovely country hotels in Cheshire, it’s important to have a back-up plan just in case it is pouring rain. Choose a lovely ballroom, corridor or other attractive indoor space where you can take your photos while still keeping dry!

If you aren’t sure which indoor space at your venue would be best for photos, you can always ask your photographer to walk through and offer you recommendations. Often they will have the professional eye to spot the best possible setting with an attractive background and great lighting.

Wear Colourful Rain Boots and Carry a Cute Umbrella

You can accessorise your wedding dress with a pair of adorable patterned rain boots and a decorative umbrella so that you can still look cute in the rain. They will make for unique wedding photos and will add a quirky and stylish touch to your wedding.

Make Sure Your Hair and Makeup Can Stand Up to the Weather

If you are getting married on a rainy day, make sure that you wear a make-up spray that will set and seal your makeup. It will help to stop your makeup from running in the humidity – but if course it will not work if your face gets completely wet so make sure that you carry an umbrella! Also you can use a humidity resistant hairspray on your hairstyle to keep it from going frizzy in the rain.

Be Flexible With Your Scheduling

When it is raining on and off during the day, it’s important to be flexible so that you can take advantage of the short breaks in the rain. If it stops raining for half an hour you will have the perfect opportunity to take a group photo outside, as long as your schedule is flexible enough. Don’t plan things too tightly, so that you can take advantage of any breaks in the weather.

Have the Right Attitude

The only reason why rain would ruin your wedding day is if you let it. It’s all about your attitude and your state of mind. If you see the rain as no big deal and you still make the most of your wedding day, it will not even be a problem at all. Put a smile on your face and have a great time – it’s your special day so don’t worry too much about the weather. The most important thing is that all of your friends and family will be there to celebrate your love with your other half.

These are just a few of the ways that you can ensure that rain will not ruin your wedding day. There is no way to control the weather and if it so happens to rain on your special day there is really nothing that you can do about it. However, these are some things that you can do in order to ensure that your wedding days goes as smoothly as possible – even in the worst weather! You will have checked the forecasts so just be prepared and you will still have an amazing day.

Reason why you should visit Riccione

rimini beachIn which season of the year is better to visit Riccione? Any period of the year it is perfect for a visit to  Riccione since you will always find something special to do, as you can discover on

During the summer…

You will enjoy the city because in Riccione there are always many events in the center like concerts, markets, festivals, exhibitions and shows. Visit the beaches of Riccione it will be like to enter in another city where you will find everything in order to enjoy your vacation. When you go to the beach you have two options: you can stay in the free beaches or in the beach resort. If you want to save money you can go in the free beach so you can carry your beach umbrella and you chair. Of course, in free beaches you will always all the basic services: you will find a shower, toilet and restaurant to eat during the day as also a reliable lifeguard on duty all day.

If you are looking for a special treatment go to the beach resort of Rimini where you will have all the services you might need. If you have your children traveling with you you will find a special area for them, with baby sitting service, games, and a staff that can entertain them with many activities while you go swimming. You can also relax in the water of the sea or in the swimming pool, you can do some massage or dance with a professional dancer. At the lunch or dinner you can eat typical delicious food in the area in front of the beach experiencing the essence of Italian life.

During the winter or autumn…

Even if it is raining and cold there is always a good reason to visit Riccione since you can visit some of the many monuments of the city typical of the roman or Renaissance period. You can visit the Domus del Chirurgo, Ponte Tiberio, Arco di Augusto, Tempio Malatestiano, Rocca Malatestiana, Church of Sant’Agostino, Church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice and church of San Giuliano Martire. Inside of the churches you will appreciate the works of many artists that gave to Rimini an important art inheritance. If the day is too cold I suggest you to Riccione Terme the only spa in Emilia Romagna that uses sea and thermal water, a perfect place in order to recover good health, relaxing and having fun.


Apart from the beach, restaurants and great nightlife there is magic countryside full of tradition and history. Visit the countryside of Riccione and you will discover a territory with fabulous castles, great scenery, mysterious and evocative places.

For the best options as far regarding accommodations and hotels have a look at that has great prices and discounts.

How To Make Your Vacation One To Remember

It’s the dead of winter and you’re ready to get out of the house. In fact, with heat and electricity bills piling up, you’re just about ready to get out of the city, and possibly your state, altogether. Why not head down south to somewhere that’s just a little less frigid? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a chance to go see our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. it’s not exactly the south of Florida but, for a traveler on a budget and limited vacation time away from work, it’s an excellent vacation and sight seeing choice.

The Sights And Sounds Of History In The Making

Washington has always been the site of much commotion, whether it be new laws passing, Presidents making historic announcements, or new monuments and statues being unveiled. If you’re in the mood to see our nation’s historic capital with your own eyes, now is the perfect time to make the trip. Traveling has never been easier or more cost effective than in the present century. The Internet has made things much more simple, and much quicker, to arrange. If the Lincoln Memorial is on your bucket list, now is the time to see it with your own eyes.

Hipmunk: Your One Stop Shop For Travel Reservations

If you are currently searching for hotels in Washington DC, your best bet is to make use of the hippest, most popular travel reservation site currently operating on the Internet. Of course, we’re talking about Hipmunk. This is the place that specializes in giving travelers the very best deals on hotels, airline fares, and all inclusive travel packages. If you’re in the mood to roam the world without stretching your budget, then Hipmunk is the place you need to check in with today. The deals are waiting for you!

See For Yourself What The Fuss Is All About

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Brush up on Your Skiing Skills

If you have always loved skiing, but you have been away from the slopes for whatever reasons, it is never too late to put your ski boots back on and give it another try. Undoubtedly, there is nothing like the thrill of having the crisp cold air rushing across your face as you zoom down the mountain. If all it takes is a little bit of brushing up to get back in the swing of things, there is no reason to put it off for any longer.

Improve Your Style

When you are doing your best to improve your skiing skills and your style, Alltracks Academy provides a whole range of courses from which to choose from. You can take classes on how to improve your freestyle or take an All-Mountain course that helps you navigate better in all types of different slope conditions, including deep powder, on steeper slopes or moguls. Once you have worked on these skills that are required to become a great skier, you will be able to conquer almost any mountain confidently. These classes are also available to people who prefer to snowboard instead. People who decide to learn their techniques from professionals in the business can be certain that they will have better skills and techniques than someone who decides that they are better off doing it on their own and winging it. Sure, they might be able to manoeuvre down the slopes, but do they do it with ease or do they do it by catching the attention of everyone around them when they have a not so graceful fall? Either way, their decision to be cheap probably will not get them ahead in the long run. Almost no one has made a professional name for themselves in these winter sports by going it alone. If you want to be really good at skiing or snowboarding, you have to be willing to really work at it and spend some money working with professional instructors that live, breathe and walk on the mountainside every single day. These are the people who are most experienced and can pass their knowledge to you.

Get Personalized Coaching

If you prefer to work with a professional coach, personalized coaching courses might be the right choice for you. First-Class Coaching allows you to work directly with experienced ski coaches that can give you all the tips and tricks you need to hone your skills on the ski-slope. In most cases, people who want to take these courses will need to be available for several weeks to complete their training. They are not a quick one-off refresher course that can be finished in just a few hours, or over a weekend. They are for people who are serious about becoming a better skier or snowboarder and will stop at nothing to meet their goals. First-Class coaching courses limit class size to no more than six people at a time, so each student receives personalized coaching and lessons, and does not have to beg for the attention of instructors if they have a question or a concern with the topics that are being covered in the coursework. The use of Sony HD and Go Pro cameras for all students provides valuable feedback to instructors, so they are able to better tailor a learning situation for each student on a one-to-one basis. All of the instructors of this specific course are skilled and have logged lots of miles on the hills. When you invest in this kind of speciality ski training, you will be amazed at just how quickly you get the hang of things or vastly improve your skills in a short period.

Off-Piste Training

People who are confident in their skills and want to push the envelope a bit further might consider taking part in Off-piste and Avalanche training. These courses are a great way to learn about the best ways to handle mountains that are away from the common slopes surrounding ski resorts and ski lodges. Obviously, there is an extra bit of danger associated with this kind of skiing, but for thrill seekers, there is nothing more exciting than the feeling they get having an entire mountain side completely to themselves. Avalanche training and backwoods survival skills will teach you everything that you need to know about best practices for avalanche safety. Coursework will include how to find areas that could be prone to avalanches, how to plan an off-piste trip effectively, how avalanches are commonly formed and released, and how to gather information about avalanche ratings and use this information to safely ski in these riskier areas. Other helpful skills that students will learn in this course are how to do companion rescue, in the event that one of their ski companions runs into trouble while on the mountain. Advanced training in avalanche and off-piste training is for more advanced skiers and snowboarders that have already taken the first training series,

Practice Makes Perfect

Like many things in life, the longer and harder that you practice at something, the better you get at it. This is especially true for people who want to become better skiers and snowboarders. Some people are fortunate enough to start learning how to ski early in life, so for them things might come a little easier. Even if you did not have the chance to learn how to ski when you were younger, it is never too late to get on the path to being a great skier or snowboarder. When you learn the basics from the best trainers available in the world, you will find that you can get up to speed on the basics relatively quickly. Once you have gotten started, chances are you will not want to stop skiing or snowboarding anytime soon. This activity helps you get a full body workout, so do not be surprised if you feel sore in the days following some serious skiing action.

Seven Features You Want in a Ski Chalet

A ski vacation is designed to help anyone of any age or background. You need certain amenities that make your travels and activities easier. You may have heard about a chalet, but never thought you could afford one. The costs are more affordable than anyone thinks. It is good to know as much as you can about common chalet style luxuries.

  1. Ski Schools

Enrolling in a ski school is necessary to experience the best times of your ski vacation. You work with an instructor and other students who provide encouragement, whether you are a beginner or expert. Within days, improve your skills enough to ski up and down long slopes. Stay in school for as long as you want until you become an expert.

No matter where you decide to ski, make sure you check the school’s background. Check its reputation, the prices and the overall mission because no two schools are alike. Know if you can take group or single lessons. Group lessons offer encouragement in the form of a group. Find it easy to meet other people at all experience levels. Individual lessons allow the instructor to focus on your individual skills. You pay more to receive more attention and knowledge. There are advantages and disadvantages that come with each type of lesson.

A ski school is not like any other school. The best group size consists of less than a dozen people. You do a great deal of traveling to different settings. In the beginning, start out on a small slope and soon graduate to a large mountain. As a student, do what is needed to learn effectively. Research the school and enrol in the right levels of classes. As a student, you are in total control of your progress as a skier.

  1. Restaurants

A good ski chalet has access to a handful of good restaurants. You want a place that gives you the taste of local cuisine. Every vacationer wants to go out to restaurants with family and friends. Decide which type of establishment you want from casual to fine dining. Know how far the restaurant is located from your lodging. You want a good restaurant, but you do not want any inconveniences either.

  1. Catering

Eating food is the hobby that many people look forward to on a vacation. Catering is the large parade of food provided by the chalet.

Self-catering gives you the option to choose your meals and cook some of your own foods. It works similar to a buffet with tools you use to pick out your food. You do not have chefs, waiters and hostesses waiting on you all day. Hiring a huge staff is not profitable for the chalet, so you are doing a favour to that business. On some days, decide to create a variety of meals with your personal touch.

Professional catering includes the use of chefs that work day and night for the guests. It is much like sitting in a restaurant and ordering whatever you want. All you do is sit back and enjoy the food as you converse with acquaintances. Enjoy fine dining from chefs that specialize in making high-quality meals.

Good chefs are not designed only for rich people. Find caterers appear in all types of events from weddings to banquets. So, anyone can afford this amenity. Catering is ideal for anyone who wants to host a very large get-together. Serve the best foods for many guests in a short period of time. Catering allows you to focus on conversation and forget the menial cooking tasks.

  1. Hostesses

Hostesses are not just good to look at regularly. You need a chalet with one or more hostesses that make you feel more welcome. Have someone greet you at the restaurant, carry bags for you and say goodbye as you leave. You want to feel comfortable and tended to if you want a well-rounded vacation. Check out the level of friendliness that comes with every chalet.

  1. Drivers

A special driver is assigned to take you anywhere in and around the ski area. No vacationer wants to get lost in the snow on a vacation. Blizzards, frostbite, and strong winds are only a few natural hazards that become deadly in no time. Have a driver accompany you and your friends everywhere for their own health and safety.

Hire a driver to go out on errands whenever you want. Visiting a grocery store could become a nightmare for anyone unfamiliar with the area. Few vacationers realize how easy it is to get lost during a ski trip and never return to the hotel.

Also, arrive or depart in style when the time comes. Be able to go back and forth from the airport. No longer do you have to worry about showing up late for a flight or getting stranded in traffic.

  1. Day-care

You want a day-care to care for your kids as you indulge in skiing. No one wants to run after children on the slopes. It is important to keep the adults and kids separate at the right times.

  1. Spas

A spa is the best source of release and relaxation. You need a release after a long day of skiing in the cold, bitter winter conditions. Heal your frozen limbs in a hot tub that is a much-needed relief to the freezing cold. Indulge in a variety of soothing spa treatments that help you relax as much as possible. The mud baths and cold showers are only two techniques out of many available to you. Also, a massage is an ideal gift for any of your friends or family members.

To plan a vacation in the snow, you need a real plan and not spontaneity. Look for a real place of total comfort and enjoyment where you dine, sleep and socialize in style. Create a checklist with all of the amenities that interest you the most. A chalet is more affordable and versatile than you think. Review the services of a luxury chalet in the Three Valleys by visiting