To Hunt Red Stag in New Zealand

To Hunt Red Stag in New Zealand

New Zealand, this country is no joke when it comes to hunting as this place is a total paradise for those who consider hunting as fun since, it offers you with various big animals you hardly find somewhere and beautiful natural view that will amaze you. As it is mentioned earlier, indeed there are many of hunting materials to hunt in almost any corner of New Zealand, however, red stag or a male read deer is one from many wildlife animals that draw hunters attention. Visiting New Zealand for hunting purpose, though, this country is very welcome for that kind of occasion, still there are some things you better understand.

Put it simply, rather thinking about the right place to hunt red stag, say that you bring your own firearm or gun, be sure that you hold permission by the authority, furthermore, don’t forget to tag along necessary documentation for it. Another important thing is about gun safety codes, thus, you won’t hurt anyone including you. First, regardless it is loaded or not, you better always treat your gun as a loaded gun. Second, when you point your gun, make sure that it is a safe direction so then, you won’t harm others.

Third, though you think that loading your gun far before you fire it is more efficient, but for safety point of view, this is quite dangerous, therefore, only load the gun once you want to fire it. Fourth, once you decide to fire your gun, confirm yourself without any hesitation that thing as your target isn’t human. Fifth, at one time the gun is not in used, ensure you place it safely, both the bullet and the gun. Sixth, as hunting is a risky game where safety is priority, thus, if you think you are under alcohol influence, skip your hunting idea; it won’t give you any good.

Knowing those basic codes, you will hinder yourself for such terrible circumstance that gives you nightmare later. Aside from that basic codes about gun safety, the thing to remember when you do New Zealand red stag hunting, when you do the hunting with your friend or some, insure to wear a clothing with high visibility, so then you won’t be mistaken your friend with animal in case in the middle you both take different path.

When it comes to hunt red stag, there are some places you can go, however, if you are still looking and have no idea which place to accommodate you, and then Manuka Point is a good place to go. There, you not only get access to hunt red stag, but to rest as well as there you may find Manuka Point Lodge. If it is not enough, this place offers you with professional guide as your companion to do the hunting game. For your information, among others a place, Manuka Point Lodges that is located in south island becomes many people favorites for anything that is offered here. Thus, put this into the list.