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Experience a Dream Holiday in Your Leased Car Instead of a Car Rental

Holidaying in a brand new leased car could be a mind-blowing experience. It is definitely a fantastic idea to consider car leasing if you are thinking of a truly flexible self-drive option, while on a vacation. You could choose from a wide spectrum of brand new cars when you are looking for a vehicle on lease. You could be lucky enough to get unlimited mileage, roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance.

You could take delivery of the leased car from multiple locations just like when you are renting a car. You could also opt for any one of the one-way options that give you the opportunity to travel freely and wherever you like. Car leasing could be one of the best and most economical options if you are planning to travel around USA or Great Britain. If you decide to lease a car from one of the reputed lease-quit companies, you could get a new tax free car for holidaying in style and utmost comfort.

Advantages of a Car Lease over a Car Rental

  • You could be enjoying a dream holiday in your new car straight out of the showroom.
  • You could avail round the clock roadside assistance
  • Number of Delivery and Return centers in varied locations
  • Comprehensive insurance having coverage across 42 nations

Self-Drive Your Dream Car

You could have a truly enjoyable and fulfilling vacation when you self-drive your dream vehicle. You can now get your dream car on a short-term lease. You could visit the truly picturesque and culturally rich cities and enjoy spectacular sights. You could drive around famous towns and cities, visiting art galleries, museums and heritage sites. Enjoy delicious local cuisine, wine and beer, while traveling in your leased car. You could take your own sweet time in enjoying the scenic routes and absorbing the mesmerizing beauty of the scenic vistas.

Opt for a Car Lease and Get Your Dream Car

You could procure a new car by opting for a short-term lease or quitting your existing car lease early. A personal vehicle is extremely convenient while holidaying. Buying a car could be a really expensive affair. You do not need to buy a car to enjoy a good drive on your vacation. You could simply rent or lease a car.

Renting a vehicle may not be a fruitful exercise as it ends up being pretty expensive in the long run. Opting for a car lease contract could be a far more logical option. Renting and leasing are pretty similar. Short term leasing is best for having a fast and perfect grip over your finances. Buying a car implies you would take a considerable time for recovering from the investment. In case of some modifications or repairs you would end up spending some extra money. A car lease helps you to save an impressive amount of money.

Ways to Acquire the Lease Contract

There are two ways of obtaining a car lease. The first option definitely is to contact a reliable and reputed car leasing company. There are numerous car leasing companies. However, it is pretty difficult to get out of these lease contracts. It is sometimes difficult to locate a car lease company offering short-term lease contracts. You must then opt for the second way. Contact someone who is willing to quit his lease contract early.

Remember that lease companies would charge exorbitant fees if you are trying to quit a lease contract early. Best way of avoiding this penalty is by transferring your lease contract to others. You have easy access to an effective search tool that could help you get in touch with someone willing to transfer his lease contract to you.

Short-term Contracts

Short-term lease contracts work best when you are planning to use the vehicle only for a few months. There is no dearth of short-term vehicle lease contracts. They would help you in saving up on costs of purchasing a brand new car.

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5 Not To Be Missed Places In Dubai

dhow cruise Dubai

Dubai is many things to many people and is known for its unique ability to bring together:

  • World-class physical infrastructure.
  • Immense number of unique tourism and travel opportunities.
  • Shopping events that bring people from all over the world into Dubai.
  • Manmade architectural wonders that will leave you gasping for breath.

It is extremely difficult indeed to choose the top five places that you must visit in Dubai. Here is a list that you can start with.

Burj al Arab

Architecture is one of the main attractions when it comes to Dubai and while there are so many buildings that will catch your attention, the world’s only seven star hotel is a must see. The Burj Al Arab rises from the water off Jumeirah Beach and is built on a manmade island.

Crafted to look like the sail of a ship, the Burj Al Arab has:

  • Several restaurants that you can enjoy.
  • Suites and rooms to stay in.
  • A magnificent view of Dubai as well.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai offers many public parks but none as spectacular as the Dubai Miracle Garden. Sprawled over 72,000 square meters, this garden is made up of 45 million flowers of various kinds. The visual effects and arrangements have been achieved simply by growing flowers of a particular kind in a particular manner.

Some of the things that you can enjoy are:

  • Buildings created with flowers.
  • Flower falls.
  • Umbrella pathway and
  • Even a floral representation of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Since this place is a part of the entertainment complex known as Dubailand, you will also have another opportunity to take in the magnificent vistas offered by Dubai.

Dhow cruise

There are many ways in which you can enjoy the Dubai landscape but if you take the ‘water route’ then you can enjoy floating down the waterways of Dubai in a traditional, Arabic dhow. A dhow cruise Dubai will also give you the opportunity to enjoy sumptuous cuisine, great entertainment and the ability to enjoy special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

Desert sands

No trip to Dubai is complete without a desert safari. There are quite a few operators here who will give you the best possible choices when it comes to enjoying the sands of Dubai. Some of the activities that you can choose are:

  • Dune bashing.
  • Camel safaris.
  • Spending overnight in a Bedouin tent.
  • Sand skiing and so on.

Dubai Mall

The list of places that you must not miss while you are in Dubai has to end with Dubai Mall. By most accounts, this is the world’s largest mall and it offers an immense array of shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities. Within this mall, you can also enjoy a very unique experience of an ice rink. Imagine being able to skate on ice even in a hot place such as Dubai! The underwater zoo is also a must see place when you are here. If theme parks are a special attraction to you, then Dubai Mall offers SEGA Republic as well.

Guided Walks to Delight You

Climbing Scafell Pike

Taking a walk through natural landscapes is one of the best ways in which you can unwind from the tensions and pressures of everyday life. And when you have the opportunity to enjoy guided walks, especially in magnificent places like the Lake District, then you should grab the opportunity with both hands.

Why go for guided walks Lake District?

There are many hidden stories and scenic delights that you may otherwise miss. Hiring a guide to take you around will give you several benefits and many great experiences such as…

  • Discovering the best routes while you are walking.

  • The ability to climb to the various summits in the safest and most enjoyable manner possible.

  • Enjoying the best views the Lake District has to offer.

  • The chance to hone your skills when it comes to mountain walking.

It is also important to have somebody advising you on the kind of gear you should carry and the kind of weather you can expect so that you understand the importance of being prepared and equipped for your adventures. The certified and licensed mountain instructors are only too glad to share their immense experience and expertise with you. This all means we can provide you with a guided walk in the Lake District that will be a memorable experience and something that you will benefit from in more ways than one.

What can you do?

When you choose guided walks Lake District you can indulge in a huge range of activities such as:

  • Climbing Scafell Pike, which is England’s highest mountain.

  • Enjoying the hugely challenging climb to The Yorkshire Three Peaks.

  • Either learning or sharpening your mountain walking skills.

  • Visiting fells such as The Coniston Old Man.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that you will enjoy when you book guided walks is the fact that you get local knowledge and the ability to take more adventurous walks knowing that you are doing so safely with a fully qualified expert. After all, only an experienced mountain instructor can take you on your guided walk that offers you all of this.

Pushing your boundaries

Another reason why a lot of people choose to go for guided walks in the Lakes is the fact that it allows them to test their skills and take on the various elements of Mother Nature. With the guidance of a skilled mountain instructor, you can certainly figure out exactly how much your body and mind can handle and then enjoy the fact that you can test your limits in a very enjoyable and safe way. The confidence that a mountain leader will give you is unbeatable. is a small venture run by Aled. If you want to get a memorable experience climbing Scafell Pike or scrambling in the Lake District you can contact me for expert guidance.

Enjoy Convenient And Comfortable Flight Booking To Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is highly recognized for its distinct atmosphere of complete fun and excitement. The ambience of this city is energetic and many travelers from various parts of the world travel here to take a break from this hustling city life. You can avail a lot of fun in the Tel Aviv Beach that borders the Mediterranean Sea. This city has an excellent weather and this is the major reason for the growing popularity of this tourist destination. With excellent roads, skyscrapers, shopping malls and accommodation facilities, Tel Aviv will be the best travel destination even for people who travel on budget.

The best way to reach Tel Aviv is to take flights. With growing number of people traveling to this city for various purposes, many flight operators have come forward to provide flight tickets at affordable prices. In order to stay ahead of the competitors and to grab the attention of travelers, a lot of airlines provide discounts and offers on air tickets and other amenities. So, these offers are best for those people who want to visit Tel Aviv within their budget means. If you are looking for the efficient means of booking Flights To Tel Aviv, then you can consider booking them online. There are myriad of benefits that you can avail by booking flight tickets online to Tel Aviv.

Avoid Waiting In Queue:

First and foremost benefit of booking tickets to this city online is that you can get rid of waiting in a long queue for a longer time. All you need to book tickets online is a computer with internet connection and a credit card with money. When you have all these things at your disposal, you can get your flight tickets booked within 5 to 6 minutes.

Comfortable And Convenient Booking:

As you need not visit the airport in person, you have the liberty of booking flight tickets to Tel Aviv right from the comfort of your home. In addition, the bookings can be made at any time and from anywhere as per your convenience. However, you need to find the website of a particular airline that you prefer traveling with. By providing all the required information and filling the mandatory fields, you can book tickets to this city within a short span of time.

Advanced Online Filters:

Most of the online Tel Aviv flight booking sites feature state of the art online filters where you need to enter the data such as your traveling date and time, number of people traveling in your group and many more. Based on your given information, you will get details on the availability of flight facilities to Tel Aviv from your location. There are also some flight ticket comparison sites where you can check the airfares of various airlines.

Secure Payment Methods:

At the time of booking tickets to Tel Aviva, you should choose the preferred payment method. Once you made the payment, you will receive an e-mail with electronic version of your flight ticket. All you need is to take the print out and submit it at the airport while checking in.

Big Fall Flight Sale with Qatar Airways, Travel Together to Save Upto 50%

In the contemporary world transnational travelling has become a day to day affair. The purpose might be related to thirst for adventure or for venturing unseen destinations or a travel might even be conducted for hard-core professional issues. Whatever might be the reasons, travel, nowadays have not only grown in stature quantitatively but it has become faster as well giving rise to the concept of global neighbourhood. But at certain times we do find out that the job of travelling comes down very heavily on our pockets. There can’t be anything better if we can travel as well as save money simultaneously.

If you are willing to travel in a group or for that matter as a couple, there is exciting news for you. has come up with exciting offers in collaboration with Qatar Airways for travellers wanting to travel in a group ranging from 2 to 7 consisting of 1 adult at least. This is a special sale provided by Qatar Airlines named ‘Big Fall Flight Sale’. The sale is applicable both on economy class as well as business class flight deals. This is perhaps your best opportunity for this calendar year to book cheap business class air tickets.

The sales are available for departure from any of the Qatar Airways US hubs. Like from New York you can travel to Abu Dhabi in business class at $3159, to New Delhi at $3469, to Melbourne at $4375, to Perth at $4369 and to Riyadh at $2515. From Houston you can travel to Cape Town at $3359. If you want to travel from Philadelphia you have the opportunity to visit Dubai at $3349. If you are an inmate of Washington, you can visit Jeddah at $3759 and Kilimanjaro at $4115. From Dallas you can travel to Johannesburg at $3805 and to Nairobi at $3529. Finally from Chicago you have the opportunity to visit Mumbai at $2839.

These were the business class fares but you have the same opportunity in case you want to travel by economy class as well. Provided you meet the earlier criterions. In that case you can travel from New York to Abu Dhabi at $819, Melbourne at $1139 and Perth at $1229. From Dallas you can go to Cape Town at $949, Johannesburg at $935 and Nairobi at $839. There are further offers from other hubs as well like Houston, Philadelphia, Washington, etc.

Keeping in mind all these lucrative offers, it would be least convincing to say that they are interesting. They are something more in fact. They are basically offers which are unseen of even in the contemporary competitive market. As such if you wish to visit any of these places for any purpose whatsoever, arrange a group of people and start packing your bags. has been serving the travellers well and for long. As such with the guarantee of good service just logon to the website and book your tickets to get bag full of offers as the tickets are running out at the rate of knots.