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Looking at Guided Tours Israel

Looking at Guided Tours Israel

Looking at Guided Tours Israel

Israel is a land that holds a great deal of importance and symbolism to a wide variety of individuals. This isn’t just Jerusalem, arguably one of the most important and contentious cities in the world, but Tel Aviv and Haifa have plenty to offer as well, not to mention all the countryside in between. This historic land provides an incredible array of places to visit and things to do with Israel tours, and there’s no better way for a first time visitor to experience this land than to look at guided tours Israel.

    1. See the Religious Sites With Guided Tours Israel

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, or Jew, or none of the above but interested in the incredible living history of the region, you can use the services of guided tours Israel. There are many different places of note to visit including many places talked about in the New Testament with Jesus’s ministry, the famed Western Wall, and a variety of incredible temples and mosques. There are many places that are holy to all the major western religions, creating an incredible mixture of beliefs and expressions.

    1. Underrated Beaches

One detail that often escapes people on even the best of Israel tours is how good the beaches are – and we’re not just talking about around the Dead Sea. On guided tours Israel visitors should check out some of the great beaches and the quiet seaside towns that offer stunning views, friendly people, and often a great blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

    1. What’s Your Passion?

Do you want to use Israel tours to visit the religious spots most precious to Christianity such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount Zion, and other important spots? Are you looking to re-connect with your Jewish heritage and visit the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem before visiting the rest of the country as well? Are you simply fascinated by this nation and want to learn about all of it – not just what’s in the news or what happens in one city?

Whatever your specific travel passions are, there are guided tours that can help you find that exact experience that you are looking for. Knowing what you want and what will fulfill your dream experience in the Holy Land will make it that much easier for a top notch professional guide to make sure you get exactly that! Don’t limit yourself – you might be surprised at just how much Israel tours has to offer!

    1. Professionals = Safety

While most of Israel is going to be safe on any given day, there are parts of the country that can get violent or have instances of danger. Having a professionally guided tour means you know you’re in good hands and far more likely to be kept safe no matter what happens in other parts of the country.

    1. In Conclusion

When someone is looking for guided tours Israel visitors have a wide variety of choices from which to choose, depending on their overall interests and what appeals to their individual tastes. Israel is a beautiful and amazing country, and there are countless sights worth seeing throughout multiple cities and the surrounding countryside, as well.

Eco-Friendly Wildlife Safaris: Why Sustainability Matters

It should go without saying that safaris, and safari lodges in South Africa, are intrinsically tied to conservation and sustainability. The very idea sees man attempt to witness the harmony of the natural world, seeing the flora and fauna of the planet at its own pace.

From the beautifully majestic wildlife to both delicate and hardy flora, South Africa’s safari sights are truly priceless and a collective responsibility to preserve.

As such, sustainability matters more than ever. The old adage of leave no trace applies heavily when it comes to safaris, and most prestige lodges make it their aim to ensure that our future children are able to experience the Big Five in their natural, untainted habitat.

But what does it entail ensuring that a wildlife safari is eco-friendly? This means that safari providers need to not only restore the status quo before man’s intervention, but also introduce game which are required to sustain balance, prevent carbon footprints, remove exotic plants or wildlife, and overall, minimise the impact of safaris as a whole on the local land.

Let’s take a brief look at a few aspects in greater detail.


Location, location, location! An eco-friendly safari means that buildings are located a certain amount of distance away from indigenous flora and fauna so as to make as little a mark as possible, and lesson any chance of unwanted and dangerous interaction between guests and animals. This aspect of eco-friendly safaris can even go as far as to ensure that designs are based – or similar to – buildings and architecture native to the area.


From the type and use of the many vehicles needed for wildlife safaris to electricity and water consumption, a premium eco-friendly safari lodge should spare no costs when it comes to responsible sustainability. As such, electricity must be kept to a minimum through the use of energy-saving light bulbs, borehole water (if available) should be the first and only option, and all vehicles should ideally be powered by unleaded fuel only.

Out and About

There are set rules which should never be broken on a safari and most game reserves and safari lodges in South Africa will endeavour to follow these. Some of these might seem obvious, but others are often not considered. These include, but are not limited to, approaching animals dangerously too close, not using red light filters at night so as to minimise light pollution, driving off-road, making excessively loud noise during safaris, throwing rubbish outside of the car or polluting in general, feeding wild animals, and exceeding the speed limit.

All of the above create massive, and sometimes irreversible, harm to the natural habitats. It is not an overstatement to say that this can even contribute to the extinction of certain fauna!

Social Investment

The truly unforgettable safari experience includes not only indigenous wildlife, but also indigenous people. As such, an eco-friendly safari experience should see the upliftment of staff who are ideally locals. This can include anything from infrastructure development to education and anything in between.

Leave only your Footprint

Now that you have an idea of eco-friendly safaris, it’s time to experience one for yourself. There are many offerings out there, so go ahead and choose one that best suits you.

6 things you didn’t know about Rwanda

Rwanda is a fascinating and beautiful country and a wonderful place to visit, whether for gorilla trekking or to see the impressive landscape features such as lakes and mountains. It is also a country that is often poorly-understood by us in the west. Here are six great things about Rwanda that you might not know:

6 things you didn't know about Rwanda

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It is a very clean country

One thing that often strikes tourists about Rwanda is just how clean it is. There is very little litter there, in part because the country has a ban on plastic bags. If you bring plastic bags into the country, they will be shredded before you leave the airport.

It is full of hills

Rwanda is somewhat renowned for its beautiful hilly landscape; indeed, one of its nicknames is ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’. If anything, the estimate of a thousand is a woeful understatement, but it sounds nice for nickname purposes.

Tourism helps gorillas

A gorilla trekking holiday in Rwanda is much easier to book than you might think through companies such as Some people may wonder whether this is really good for the rare and beautiful animals concerned; in fact, gorilla trekking is carried out responsibly and tourism actually helps to conserve wild gorillas, with much of the money raised going towards this cause.

More than gorillas

Speaking about gorilla trekking, while gorillas get most of the publicity there are other incredible primates to be found. Notably, the country’s rare golden monkeys are definitely worth seeing if you can.

The drinks are fantastic

Rwandan beer is great and a must-try for anyone with the slightest interest in beer. It is not just the alcoholic drinks that are excellent, with tea and coffee both major exports. The reason so many other countries are keen to buy these products from Rwanda is that the tea and coffee grown there is simply fantastic.

You can have a beach holiday there

Rwanda being a landlocked country and the idea of a beach holiday sounds absurd; however, some of the lakeside destinations – notably the impressive Lake Kivu – boast shorelines that could easily be mistaken for the sunny seaside. You might not want to base your whole holiday around the Rwandan ‘beaches’, but they can be a great place to visit.

Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in USA

The United States of America (USA) is a vast country that difficult to traverse through the entire length and breadth. Each state has its own charm that cannot be beaten and each state stands for something new. Travelling through the entire country would not be possible in terms of not only affordability but also due to time constraints. However, here is a list of the essential and popular travel destinations in USA.

New York

To experience real fast city life and an ultra-=modern culture signifying the development, a symbol of USA than a visit to the New York City, the Big apple is a must. It shows how a bruised city can continue to grow and stand for what it’s stood for, life and fun. It is a definite, must-visit. You USA trip will not be complete without visiting New York.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. This is a great place to visit of you are interested in the history of the country. Teemed with museums and parks the capital offers you more than just the President of USA’s home address, the White House to look at. You can book yourself a day’s tour on open air bus that takes you through the essential sights of tourists’ interests.

Las Vegas

People specially come down to the USA only to visit the forbidden land of Vegas. Known for its casinos and gambling adventures; it also houses some of the best known restaurants and coveted shopping destinations it a truly

San Francisco

Located n the East Coast of USA this awesome city offers quiet recluse for nature lovers while truckloads of adventure for the exploration freaks. It is a fantastic mix of the new and old, that Silicone valley and the Napa Valley. The Golden Gate Bridge is a must visit. This is an extremely different city.


Are you looking to get away from the city doldrums? Then visit the Hawaii, the beach fun place, the most visited USA Island that offers not just a different culture but a lot of good food for the islanders. Get ready to see some the most amazing volcanoes and beached, both together.

Grand Canyon

The great Grand Canyons are a wonderful piece of the possible natural wonders of the world. It is deep ravine that has been formed out of the River Colorado in the state of Arizona. It is natural wonder you just cannot miss.


If you have children with you then Florida is a must visit. It offers beautiful beaches for fun family times; it houses some of the best theme parks, amusement parks, gardens and all places that could be of interest to you as a family and not to forget the ethnic but fun loving culture of Miami. Florida is also known as the ‘sunshine state’.

Thus, visiting USA is not an easy task, it will take time and multiple visits to actually cover the entire country. However, the few chosen above are the bare must visits in case you plan to visit USA only once.

5 Road Trip Safety Reminders When Driving a Car Rental in Costa Rica

5 Road Trip Safety Reminders When Driving a Car Rental in Costa Rica

You could be one of the best drivers in your city or country but it doesn’t mean that it will be the same when you’re in another nation. How can you be the best driver when all your life you have been driving on the left side of the road then you are immediately introduced to a right-hand drive? So when you are using a car rental in Costa Rica, you need to be very cautious of some driving differences. You can’t just pay for the vehicle and then you are good to drive. You need to learn some basics of driving safely in Costa Rica so you will have a hassle-free journey. The following 5 tips should help you:

1. Choose Dependable Car Rental in Costa Rica

There are many visitors touring this country and they also opt to rent vehicles. This means that companies offering the service may be uncountable. Before you settle on a particular company, you should make sure that they have everything in control. For example, they can advice you what to do in case of emergency. Where can you fuel or refuel your car? Where to buy foodstuff and other necessities?

2. Rough Terrains and Roads

Always be careful when driving because most of the roads are bumpy and steep. You wouldn’t want to pay additional charges the company from which you got your car rental in Costa Rica due to the many scratches and damages on the vehicle, right? Note that dirt roads and gravel driving paths are a norm especially in rural areas. You may even have to cross streams.

3. Driving Under the Influence

No matter if you are a foreigner or not, if you are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, it will attract jail sentence of up to 30 years of hefty penalties. If you must drink, then it will be a good idea to be with sober guys who can also speak native language which will make everything hassle free.

4. Natural Hazards

Costa Rica is familiar to nature’s aggressiveness. Natural hazards are common including those caused by active volcanoes in the area. Also, the rainy season can often cause incidences of flooding and landslides.

5. Have a GPS Device

It’s easy to get lost with car rental in Costa Rica especially in remote areas, thus, you should have a GPS device with your car to be sure of finding the right roads to take you where you should go. Alternatively, you can consider using your smartphone with a local or international data plan to run map and driving apps.

Always take safety as a high priority especially when you’re driving alone. By doing so, your visit to amazing attraction sites in this part of the South America will be memorable and without hassle. You may also want to look for car rental in Costa Rica together with an interpreter so that you can visit local places without the frustration of language barriers and related inconveniences.