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What You Should Know about the Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv Image

Tel Aviv which gets the nickname the City that Never Sleeps is a city located along a beautiful coast. Over the past decade, there has been a revival in the boutique style hotels in the town. Each of the boutique hotels in Tel Aviv features a unique and creative design. Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are smaller than the typical hotel chains and usually have less than 50 guest rooms.


The boutique hotels meet international standards andeach guest room is decorated with attention to details. There are so many boutique hotels in Tel Aviv and you will be able to easy find one no matter where you go around the town. You can find this type of hotel in various places such as beachfront, Neve Tzdek, Rothschild Boulevard, Haffa, Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda. Interesting local Israeli artworks are hung in all the suites of the boutique hotel. Each room is also renovated with unique lighting fixtures.


Hotels in the White City and Neve Tzedek neighborhoods feature historic Bauhaus architecture that dated back to the 1920s. Boutique hotels that are located near to the beach offer magnificent city and oceanfront views. Beachfront hotels are located in front of the beach so you can reach the beach within a few steps. Some rooms have small balconies to give you a better view of the ocean.


The quality is same as the luxurious hotel, for example the rooms are big and the beds are very comfortable. All the guestrooms are equipped with air conditioners, LED screens, bathroom and kitchenette. There are lifts that conveniently bring guests to the higher levels in the hotel. Just like the chain hotel, you will find amenities such as spa, infinity pool, garden lounge, restaurants. The best thing is that they are much cheaper than the rooms at the typical hotel chain.


If you stay at a boutique hotel, you will get personal attention that enables you to get your needs fulfilled quickly when you make a request. The staff will know you by name and make sure everything is prepared according to your preferences. Since a boutique hotel is not a skyscraper, it is usually located in a scenic spot nearby to landmarks, airport and beach.The boutique hotels in Tel Aviv offers a balanced mix of cozy and contemporary atmosphere in Tel Aviv.


Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv also have their own in house restaurants. They offer free brunch buffet that includes delicious food for the breakfast meal such as burekas, juices, tehina, salad and etc. Some also offer lunch buffet that includes delicious appetizer, main course, dessert, seafood, pasta and drinks.


If you want to visit Tel Aviv, make sure you book the room at the boutique hotel in advanced to save money. Many hotels offer perks such as free breakfast or spa when you book online in advanced. You should avoid booking a hotel room in the peak season as the room rate will be high during this period. You can make use of the hotel search engine to compare the rates of the boutique hotel rooms in order to find one that meet your budget.

Four Reasons Dubai is the Most Well Rounded Holiday Destinations in the World

Dubai is one of the most luxurious holiday destination in the world. Whether you want a stay at a luxury resort, a destination wedding, a fantastic honeymoon, a beach holiday, or just a city break you will be blown away by the types of attractions Dubai has to offer. Dubai’s attractions are impressive and mind blowing to say the least. Here are just a few that you have to check out if you are planning a holiday to the city.

For those who are avid shoppers, it should go without saying that Dubai is pretty much one of the top places to be after Italy. Not only is Dubai duty free, but it is also located at the centre of the trade routes so you can find pretty much every designer label within the city walls. Spice markets are pretty common and full of all of the local specialists such as textiles, jewellery, and spices. The city is also home to malls with designer shops that are almost a tourist attraction in themselves due to their exquisite design.

If you are looking to relax on a sunny beach during your break then you will never find a place with more attractive peaches than Dubai. The white loose sand on the beaches is so pure you will want to bottle it up and take it home with you. The only thing that tops the sand is the clear blue water that looks straight out of a movie set. Mamzar Park and Jumeirah beaches are simply some of the best on the globe.

On the flip side, if you are more of a winter holiday person you still might want to consider heading to Dubai, because the city also sports the best indoor skiing in the world. While you may not think that you can lay on a beach and head down snow covered pistes on the same day, in Dubai you can because the city is the pure representation of opulence. You won’t believe it ‘til you see it, but once you do you will want to ski all day.

Finally, if you have the kids with you, or just want to indulge that kid inside you, head over to Wild Wadi Water Park. The water park is home to the tallest and fastest free-fall slide as well as many more water slides, waterfalls, and even a surfing pool. Truly rounding out the list of everything you could want in one holiday destination.

Spice Up Great Indian Explorations With Adventure Tours

 Water Sports in Goa

India is always considered as a tourist’s wonderland. For travelers finding for adventurous holidays India homes many options. India tour provides various pleasant surprises to the offshore tourists with its vibrant and colorful geographical panorama. Here dense forests and mysteries, snow-covered mountains and marine world ranges provide utmost delights for adventure tours. Mentioned below are a few of the magnificent wildlife holidays that will value both your Money and Time.

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh state located in the adobe of Himalaya’s is the magnificent place for your mountaineering and trekking expeditions. Himachal is an ecstasy for trekkers both professionals and amateurs. Some of the ideal Trekking holidays that you can take pleasure in Himachal Pradesh are Beas-Kund Trekking in ManaliSolang vale region, Triund Lakka Glacier in Macleod GanjState, Chandertal Lake Trekking in Manali State; Manimahesh Lake in Chamba-Bharmaour State. Trekking in KulluManali state.

Water Sports in Goa

For your water sports voyage nothing is better in comparison with Goa. Water sports go the same with Goa. The amazing combination of miles and miles of magnificent sandy picturesque beaches with far-reaching and extensive rivers and fascinating lakes makes Goa a heaven for water sports. All famous beaches in Goa homes numerous water sporting activities like scuba diving, canoeing, banana rides, water skiing, parasailing, sailing and wind surfing. If you are a beginner in water sports, you can still take pleasure in all water sports in Goa with luminous professional help.

Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Finding for some exceptional out of world adventure, be there in Rajasthan for a camel safari tour. This exclusive quest can only be enjoyed in India. Similar to a tourist of medieval era you will travel by way of a desert from one place to another in a caravan with a simple pace. You will come across the minutest details of the fortresses land, colors with amiable crowds all around.

Your journey pace will be very slow and this simple pace you’ll enjoy and observe the lowest possible detail of the fortresses land, charming crowds, colors and many more. The camel safari is worth pleasuring and values your time and money; you can get a closer look of the rich culture, traditions, practices and life styles of the royal and colorful state of Rajasthan. There are several types of safaris like a short trek around the fascinated town of Jaisalmer or a long safari tour to Thar.

In India, adventure tourist operators have prospered a lot, thanks to improving high quality amenities, enthralling experience and economic solvency.

Tour of the Top 5 Famous Surf Beaches

Surfing has been around for thousands of years and the ancient Polynesian art is now an international sport that attracts both hard-core surfers and travellers looking for a few hours of fun. The most famous surf beaches are not only known for their breaks, but also for their beauty. So zip up your new wetsuit from Wetsuitcentre, grab your board and hit the waves at these top 5 most famous surf beaches.

  1. Banzai Pipeline (Oahu, Hawaii)

Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii is notorious for its huge waves and shallow water above a sharp reef which forms thick curls of water which surfers can tube ride. Although this surf beach is considered the deadliest in the world, with numerous surfers and photographers being killed or injured at this spot, it is easily one of the most famous surf beaches in the world. It is known for its perfect barrelling waves and there are many exciting and thrilling surf contests to experience during winter. When summertime rolls around and the waves flatten out, Banzai beach offers some of the best snorkelling spots in Oahu.  Beautiful sand, gorgeous reefs, amazing sunsets and picturesque waves make up the Banzai Pipeline.

  1. Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia)

Most people associate Australia with surfing and with the beauty of the famous Bondi Beach, it’s hard to pick a better surf beach in the country. Surrounding Sydney, it is one of the most visited tourist sites in Australia, and its name ‘Bondi’ is an Aboriginal word meaning breaking over rocks. It is a popular area for locals and tourists to surf, with manageable waves making it great for beginners. The golden sands and crystal waters easily captures the hearts of people from all around the world.

  1. Teahupo’o (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

Teahupo’o is one of the most well known surf spots in the world, with its reef break and heavy, glassy waves. It is widely recognised as having some of the heaviest waves in the world and because of this it is recommended that only experienced surfers in peak form should attempt to ride the waves there. The heavy waves and shallow shoreline makes the surf spot one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world. Nevertheless Teahupo’o beach is one of the most legendary, with some of the most iconic surfing images having been taken there and is a spot where all experienced surfer’s dream of conquering. With a shallow reef and long paddle out, the regular two and three metre barrels are some of the best out there.

  1. Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa)

Jeffrey’s Bay is recognised as one of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world and hosts the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing event. Despite the risk of shark attack (one surfer was attacked in 2015 by what is suspected to have been a great white shark), many spectators and professional surfers flock to the Bay to watch and take part. In season, the bay provides one of the best right hand point breaks in the world due to its quality and consistency. On rare occasions large waves link up to create a ride over a kilometre long. This popular destination is not only known for its surfing opportunities, but also for its seashells, great seafood and calamari.

  1. Bundoran (Country Donegal, Ireland)

Although not many people relate Ireland with surfing, the sport is synonymous with Bundoran. The waves are great all year round, particularly if you don’t mind the chilly water, and you’ll generally find somewhere to go surfing with countless beach and reef breaks in close proximity. This spot has held the European Surfing Championships and there are plenty of surf schools and camps to enjoy. The site is perfect for beginners, but in peak season some big waves create a fantastic playground for the more experienced surfers. The beach catches a lot of swell and for almost two centuries people have flocked to Bundoran beach on hot summer days. The beach is not only a great site for surfing but there’s also plenty of dance and live music events here too, making it the perfect surf beach for surfers and spectators alike.