Affordable holiday travel destinations for the whole family

There’s a ton of information online about finding affordable places to travel, which makes it easier for people to decide and save money. The places you can travel to without breaking your bank will surprise you.

So where do we start? With locations, of course!

Vanuatu. Ever heard of Vanuatu before? If you have, I expect you’ve heard only good things. This relatively untapped destination is a worldwide favorite for its unique tropical climate and beautiful nature that’s packed with cheap activities for families, friends, or the lone traveler. Cheap flights to Vanuatu are happening from Jan 7, 2017 so check it out now before seats run out.

Vanuatu is only a short distance from many eastern seaboard cities of Australia, so it’s a plus if you’re currently staying in the down under. There’s also regular flights from Noumea, Honira and Fiji. The weather here is favorable all year, so visit anytime you want. You’ll never run out of gorgeous sunsets, fresh food, activities, and culture experiences while staying in this raw and scenic place.

Costa Rica. This small, but popular Central American country should be in your nature bucket list. It has everything from jungles, streams, volcanoes, lakes, and mountains teeming with wildlife species. You may get rental opportunities for only $50-$100 per night. As with most destinations, you may use sites like TripAdvisor, VRBO, or Airbnb to find a cheap accommodation. If you want a shorter family holiday, you could arrange your own travel than going through a travel partner – this saves a lot of money too.

Belize. This sub-tropical country is becoming more popular every year because of its amazing natural environment, quiet pace, and affordability. Also, English is the country’s official language, which makes it easier for English-speaking tourists to communicate. If you enjoy beaches, outdoors, and water, then the Caribbean water will make sure you enjoy it here with up to 83 degrees’ Fahrenheit that’s perfect for snorkeling, fishing, or just diving.

Vietnam. Added bonus if you’re already in Phnom Pehn since a $10-$20 ride will take you there to Saigon, Vietnam. You’ll love the low-cost enjoyable food and the booming local markets. Do your research prior to coming and you’ll save up a lot on accommodations and shops. From an overnight stay on Halong Bay to taking cooking lessons, you’ll find many budget-friendly things to do and discover in Vietnam.

Cambodia. A real affordable travel destination! Cambodia boasts one of Southeast Asia’ most stunning natural wonders and ancient architectures. It offers a plethora of low-cost options for transportation. To enjoy the scenery, ride a bus, or a slow-moving train rather than driving yourself. You may also rent a bike to really interact with the people and see the great landscape.


To make your travel cheaper (and this applies to all destinations above,) it is best to travel off-peak. You’ll normally find more affordable flights, like the cheap flight to Vanuatu. Many attractions and hotels also slash their prices. Consider flying midweek as well since it’s generally more expensive to fly weekends and around holidays. And do create a vacation budget, so you don’t end up buying every single piece of foreign decoration you see, check-in to some outlandish hotel, or eat at a fancy restaurant you can barely afford.

Best of luck! Enjoy traveling in style and on budget.