Guide on What Places to Visit in Israel

Every year, millions of Christians Israel to explore its holy sites as well as other biblical sites.  The

Most Christians will travel to Jerusalem because it is where you can find most of the holy sites. Jerusalem, known as the City of Peace has a lot of archaeological attractions. If you want to visit Jerusalem, you can book your flights to Tel Aviv and take a bus to Jerusalem from there.

Temple Mount is an important holy site you should visit in Jerusalem. It is believed to be Mount Moriah, the mountain were Abraham attempted to make a sacrifice of his son Isaac to God. The Temple Mount is the site where King Solomon built the first temple. The wailing wall, also known as the western wall, is the wall that surrounds the Temple Mount plaza. Everyday, thousands of Jews will come over to the wailing wall to leave their prayer notes. Some people come here to pray for 24 hours a day.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the most important places on the Christian’s list of sightseeing attractions because it is the site where Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected. You will be able to see the Stone of Anointing, the place where they anoint Jesus before burying him. If you climb the stairs and turn right, you will arrive at the Calvary where the crucifixion of Jesus was carried out.

If you are someone who enjoy nature, you should visit the national parks in Israel. Israel has a number of national parks that offers a wide variety of plants and animals in exhibition. Caesarea National Park used to be an ancient city that is built by King Herod. There are lots of restaurants and cafes around the Caesarea National Park. En Gedi national park is a desert park that houses an oasis.

You will get to explore archaeological ruins at the En Gedi national park, for example an ancient village that dates back to 2000 years ago. Masada National Park which is located nearby to the Dead Sea is rich with Jewish history. If you enjoy going for picnic or strolling, you can visit the Mount Carmel National Park. Mount Carmel National Park has an extensive network of trails that allows you to explore the entire park on foot. You can enjoy the scenery while strolling along the trails.

If you are in Israel, you should not miss visiting the Dead Sea. While at the Dead Sea, you can carry back some of its mud as souvenirs. The mud is said to provide benefits for your health when you apply it on your body. Nearby the Dead Sea, you will find a lot of attractions such as Qumran, Nahal Bokek, Neve Zohar and Mount Sodom. Mount Sodom has a rock that serves as a memoir for Lot’s wife who turned into a pillar of salt for looking back during the rain of sulfur on the city of Sodom in the book of Genesis in the bible.

If you want to enjoy some beach recreational activities, you should visit Tel Aviv because it offers a lot of fantastic beaches there. Hilton beach in Tel Aviv does not have waves so it is safe for people who would like to go for a swim in the ocean. Gordon beach is a very popular beach in Tel Aviv that is crowded with tourists every day. Frishman Beach is a clean beach offering nice lounge beds and is located within proximity to the Dan Hotel.