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Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in USA

The United States of America (USA) is a vast country that difficult to traverse through the entire length and breadth. Each state has its own charm that cannot be beaten and each state stands for something new. Travelling through the entire country would not be possible in terms of not only affordability but also due to time constraints. However, here is a list of the essential and popular travel destinations in USA.

New York

To experience real fast city life and an ultra-=modern culture signifying the development, a symbol of USA than a visit to the New York City, the Big apple is a must. It shows how a bruised city can continue to grow and stand for what it’s stood for, life and fun. It is a definite, must-visit. You USA trip will not be complete without visiting New York.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. This is a great place to visit of you are interested in the history of the country. Teemed with museums and parks the capital offers you more than just the President of USA’s home address, the White House to look at. You can book yourself a day’s tour on open air bus that takes you through the essential sights of tourists’ interests.

Las Vegas

People specially come down to the USA only to visit the forbidden land of Vegas. Known for its casinos and gambling adventures; it also houses some of the best known restaurants and coveted shopping destinations it a truly

San Francisco

Located n the East Coast of USA this awesome city offers quiet recluse for nature lovers while truckloads of adventure for the exploration freaks. It is a fantastic mix of the new and old, that Silicone valley and the Napa Valley. The Golden Gate Bridge is a must visit. This is an extremely different city.


Are you looking to get away from the city doldrums? Then visit the Hawaii, the beach fun place, the most visited USA Island that offers not just a different culture but a lot of good food for the islanders. Get ready to see some the most amazing volcanoes and beached, both together.

Grand Canyon

The great Grand Canyons are a wonderful piece of the possible natural wonders of the world. It is deep ravine that has been formed out of the River Colorado in the state of Arizona. It is natural wonder you just cannot miss.


If you have children with you then Florida is a must visit. It offers beautiful beaches for fun family times; it houses some of the best theme parks, amusement parks, gardens and all places that could be of interest to you as a family and not to forget the ethnic but fun loving culture of Miami. Florida is also known as the ‘sunshine state’.

Thus, visiting USA is not an easy task, it will take time and multiple visits to actually cover the entire country. However, the few chosen above are the bare must visits in case you plan to visit USA only once.

5 Road Trip Safety Reminders When Driving a Car Rental in Costa Rica

5 Road Trip Safety Reminders When Driving a Car Rental in Costa Rica

You could be one of the best drivers in your city or country but it doesn’t mean that it will be the same when you’re in another nation. How can you be the best driver when all your life you have been driving on the left side of the road then you are immediately introduced to a right-hand drive? So when you are using a car rental in Costa Rica, you need to be very cautious of some driving differences. You can’t just pay for the vehicle and then you are good to drive. You need to learn some basics of driving safely in Costa Rica so you will have a hassle-free journey. The following 5 tips should help you:

1. Choose Dependable Car Rental in Costa Rica

There are many visitors touring this country and they also opt to rent vehicles. This means that companies offering the service may be uncountable. Before you settle on a particular company, you should make sure that they have everything in control. For example, they can advice you what to do in case of emergency. Where can you fuel or refuel your car? Where to buy foodstuff and other necessities?

2. Rough Terrains and Roads

Always be careful when driving because most of the roads are bumpy and steep. You wouldn’t want to pay additional charges the company from which you got your car rental in Costa Rica due to the many scratches and damages on the vehicle, right? Note that dirt roads and gravel driving paths are a norm especially in rural areas. You may even have to cross streams.

3. Driving Under the Influence

No matter if you are a foreigner or not, if you are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, it will attract jail sentence of up to 30 years of hefty penalties. If you must drink, then it will be a good idea to be with sober guys who can also speak native language which will make everything hassle free.

4. Natural Hazards

Costa Rica is familiar to nature’s aggressiveness. Natural hazards are common including those caused by active volcanoes in the area. Also, the rainy season can often cause incidences of flooding and landslides.

5. Have a GPS Device

It’s easy to get lost with car rental in Costa Rica especially in remote areas, thus, you should have a GPS device with your car to be sure of finding the right roads to take you where you should go. Alternatively, you can consider using your smartphone with a local or international data plan to run map and driving apps.

Always take safety as a high priority especially when you’re driving alone. By doing so, your visit to amazing attraction sites in this part of the South America will be memorable and without hassle. You may also want to look for car rental in Costa Rica together with an interpreter so that you can visit local places without the frustration of language barriers and related inconveniences.

Budget Vacation Plans

Budget Vacation PlansVacations are a great way to unwind. It may be a quick trip out of town with friends or a planned break to explore a new place, either which way, budget rules your plan. Everybody wants to make the most of their trip away from routine and the first thing that comes to their mind is to minimize expenses. Planning well is the only way to save while on a vacation.

Choose the right place. Travel expenses depend a lot on the destination. Popular tourist destinations are not a good choice if you want to travel on a budget. Choose a place that is suitable for budget travelers without having to compromise on things to do there. If you still want to explore popular destinations, best choose the lean season when there is scope to save up on transport and stay.

One popular option for budget travelers is hostelling. A huge chunk of travel expenses goes towards stay and food. While conventional hotels do not offer much room to bargain, hostels offer the convenience of affordable accommodation and food. It also offers the opportunity to meet up with different kinds of like-minded people whose recommendations can come in handy to make the holiday even better. Staying in a hostel also helps connect better with the local culture making it a whole lot more authentic experience.

Another reason why hostels are popular with those travelling on a budget is that they are ideally located near tourist attractions with easy access to public transport links. Now days, hostels offer Internet connectivity, although at an extra cost.

The other major expenditure is food. Some hostels have reasonably priced cafes while some even offer the facility of a communal kitchen where you are free to prepare your meals. If your budget is not that stretched, then choose a hostel that has a bar. It could be a good place to hangout and share anecdotes with fellow hostellers.

Backpacking is very popular with youngsters and exploring historical destinations gives them a great opportunity to connect with culture. One such popular destination is Edinburg and Kickass Hostels offers backpackers some fantastic deals. They are rated highly for the facilities offered at the best room prices. There are several options in room sizes and a host of amenities to make the stay comfortable. The hostel is ideally located in the city centre with a café and bar attached. Well-fitted rooms that are kept clean make it so much more appealing. This hostel is quite unique for a fact that it offers affordable living space with 4 star amenities. The hostel also offers best security with surveillance cameras, lockers for storage of valuables and friendly staff to assist its guests. Another noteworthy aspect of this hostel stay is the free city tour they offer their guests. There are many themed activities organized in the hostel for people to unwind without having to look other places for entertainment making it true value for money experience.

Tips For a Great San Francisco Bay Area Vacation

San Francisco and the surrounding metro area, generally referred to as the, SF Bay Area, is one of the largest metro areas in the US and a very popular tourist destination.  Many tourists, however, get there and are overwhelmed with its size, expense and crowded nature and only end up seeing a small portion of the city and surrounding SF Bay Area. They usually miss most of the good stuff!  Here are a few tips and places to visit, both in San Francisco itself and the surrounding area, so that you don’t miss all its great wonders.

  • Rent a car when you get there. It is an extra expense, but it will allow you to go to areas outside of the city, which shouldn’t be missed on your trip.  It will often be more convenient than public transportation, as well.
  • If you stay downtown, near the tourist district, get a car, park in lots that charge by the day or stay at hotels with valet parking or their own lot. Finding a parking space in SF can be maddening. I lived there years ago, when there were 750,000 cars and 500,000 parking spaces. I joked that meant at anyone one time, there are 250,000 people driving around looking for a parking spot that does not exist.
  • Know when to leave the car parked. The Bay area has a train system called the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART,) as well as buses and its famous street cars. If you are headed anywhere in the main tourist district, walking or using public transport is easier than finding a parking spot. Plus, by walking you will get a feel for the real city.
  • Don’t miss Chinatown. This neighborhood is one of the largest Asian neighborhoods in any US city. It is like stepping into another country to visit there. It is full of quaint shops with unique merchandise, friendly people, great restaurants..  Most Americans do not realize that a majority of dishes on their neighborhood Chinese restaurant menu are actually recipes invented in Chinatown in San Francisco.
  • Visit Fisherman’s Wharf.  Yes, it is tourist central, but amongst the tourist trinkets and t-shirts, you will also find unique work from talented artists, great food and some of the best views of the bay.
  • See Golden State Park. It’s not only one of the largest city parks in the US, it also holds a museum and a zoo.
  • Pamper yourself was a spa treatment or a massage. Being such a multicultural and cosmopolitan city, you can find many wonderful kinds of treatments.  It’s a great way to recover from long days of walking up and down the city’s famous hills.
  • Get out of town. Use your rental car to go up and/or down the coast. Not far to the south you will find the highly eclectic, artsy town of Santa Cruz, which is a mecca for artists, hippies, surfers and wealthy “escapees” from the crowded Silicon Valley. Be sure to take a drive through the beautiful University there, which is built amongst a redwood forest. If you go as far as the Monterey Bay, be sure to make the famous “17 Mile Drive” on the peninsula.  All along the way you will see tremendous seascapes and marine mammals such as whales, seals, sea lions and even otters. North of the city you can visit places like the Muir Woods, with its giant redwoods or the nearby Napa Valley, which is world famous for its wineries. If you have several days to stay, the stunning Yosemite National Park is only around 175 miles to the east.
  • Talk to the locals. SF is a very friendly city. Tell them about your interests and most will be quite happy to tell you great places in the area to visit.

Follow these tips and your San Francisco Bay Area trip will be an unforgettable adventure!

Finding Great Food on a Great American Road Trip

With gasoline prices lower than they have been in years, now is the perfect time to load the family up and do a grand road trip.  We, here in America, are fortunate to have such a large country, full of amazing natural wonders, attractions, and great cities. We have nearly every kind of ecosystem found on earth, from high mountains, to deserts, to rainforests to warm sandy beaches. Whether you are the type that likes to head straight to your far away destination, at high speed on freeways, or you want to take back roads and explore along the way, one thing is for sure. You’ve got to eat!

Part of the joyful wanderlust of travelling is seeing and experiencing new things.  When on the road, food should be part of the adventure.  If you are making your food choices based on signs along the freeway about which fast food joints are at the next exit, you are doing yourself and your family a disservice. That’s just plain sad. Finding good food along your route is not as hard as it may seem. Here are a few tips to make meals part of the adventure:

  • Just as you plan your route, plan your food stops. As you travel, make an estimate as to where you will be for each meal, so you can use the internet to look for interesting places to stop for food. Don’t make this plan set in stone though, traffic delays or spontaneous side trips may (and usually will) change your schedule. So if you pick a town to eat in, perhaps pick another one 100 miles down the road in either direction, as an alternative.
  • Ask your social media friends. If you are travelling to some place you have never been, drop a message on your Twitter or Facebook status asking your friends for neat places to eat in a particular town. You may be surprised at the number of enthusiastic reviews you will receive. Just keep the questions to friends only and don’t announce the exact dates you will be away from home.
  • Check the Food Network website, especially the guide from the TV Show, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” The choices there may not always be the healthiest fare, but the places featured are always amazing and well-loved by the locals. Be sure to double check choices from that site, because the directory is not always up to date and a place may have gone out of business, changed names or moved. You will find some fun options there and may end up with some amusing stories like, “Remember that time I bet you that you couldn’t eat that 5 pound cheeseburger?”
  • One of the best ways to find any kind of food and get great bargains is with the local business pages on  This new feature of Groupon already has thousands of restaurant listings, searchable by city. For example, if you are travelling through Dallas, TX and want some of that famous Texas BBQ, do a search and you will be presented with lots of great deals at Dallas BBQ restaurants. If you find one that looks appealing, such as Big Al’s Smokehouse BBQ, click the deal link and you will be taken to a whole page dedicated to that restaurant, with deals, information about the restaurant, customer reviews and even driving directions. It is a valuable guide for any traveller.

Wherever your road trip takes you follow these simple tips and the food will be part of the adventure.  Your family will probably never have fond memories of a roadside stop at a burger chain, but they may be talking about the experience at that Texas BBQ joint for years.