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Top 7 Heritage Destinations Around the World

There are currently over 1000 World Heritage Sites that you can visit. These culturally significant locations are a part of our world history. While you may never get the opportunity to visit all of these landmarks, you can try to visit as many as you can.


Here are the top 7 heritage destinations around the world that every person should consider visiting at least once.

#1 – The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 1000 kilometers from South America. There is a total of 19 islands and a surrounding marine reserve that are considered a part of this heritage site.

Within the Galapagos islands, you will find a melting pot of various marine species. Due to the fact that the islands are cut off from other land masses, the animal life on the islands is also incredibly diverse. For example, the giant tortoise and land iguana of the Galapagos are unique to this region.

The abundance of unique life is the reason for the classification as a world heritage site. This is the location that would inspire Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Along with unique marine and animal life, the islands are gorgeous. Modern resorts are available, in addition to guided tours.

Despite the distance, the Galapagos islands are a great destination for the whole family.

#2 – Machu Picchu (Peru)

Some people consider Machu Picchu to be one of the most important archeological sites in the world. This Inca citadel was built in the 15th century, in the middle of a mountain range 2,430 meters above sea level.

This location was chosen as a heritage site for its cultural and natural value. The citadel features numerous irrigation canals, an extensive road system, and a sophisticated planning.

If you choose to visit these ruins, your best option is to take a train ride from Aguas Calientes. You will be close by, giving you more time to explore the landmark.

#3 – The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)

Another major architectural achievement is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Standing over 455 feet high, this large pyramid is one of the oldest seven wonders of the ancient world. Construction of this pyramid was likely completed around 2560 BC.

The complex surrounding the pyramid, along with the network of chambers located inside and below the pyramid, is truly amazing to view. Though, it is recommended that you take a guided tour so that you do not miss out on anything.

#4 – Rapa Nui (Chile)

Rapa Nui, known more famously as Easter Island, is one of the most remote inhabited islands. The island itself only has about 5,000 residents and only 60% are descendants are of the aboriginal Rapa Nui people.

So, what is so special about this remote island? The large stone statues, also called moai, are what draw tourists.

There is a total of 887 of these massive statues located throughout the island. The majority of these statues, or large heads, were carved between 1100 and 1680 CE.

#5 – The Lagoons of Venice (Italy)

Venice, as you may know, has famous canals throughout the city. This is due to the fact that the city was built on a massive lagoon, covering 50,000 square kilometers. Founded in the 5th century, Venice has grown to encompass over 118 small islands across this lagoon.

The city of Venice is fun for the whole family. Though, it is even better as a romantic getaway. The architecture of the city showcases the talent of the Golden Age of the Republic.

#6 – Angkor (Cambodia)

Now, we will take a trip to Cambodia, to view their most important archaeological site. Angkor contains the remains of the capitals of the Khmer Empire.

These structures date back to the 9th to the 15th centuries. Most notably, this landmark is home to large temples with intricate sculptural decorations.

Another interesting detail of Angkor is that native villagers still inhabit the region. There are small populations of people living within the Angkor Archaeological Park.

#7 – Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

The last heritage site to recommend is the Great Barrier Reef. While the previous entries were mostly comprised of architectural achievements, this last entry is noted for its lack of human interference.

The Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs. It is the largest coral reef system in the world and home to billions of living organisms.

If you enjoy diving or snorkeling, then the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see location. You can stay at a resort in Queensland and take day trips to the reefs.

These heritage destinations are not chosen lightly. The landmarks that are chosen need to have a specific cultural, scientific, or historical significance. They are among the most beautiful and inspiring locations and can be found on nearly every continent.

If you have vacation time available and are looking for a destination, consider visiting one of these heritage destinations. Once you visit these 7 landmarks, look for additional heritage sites to add to your future travel plans.

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